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Customer Testimonials

The USA Transmission & TIRES staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

Just to let you know...Marvin & the Livingston shop were great. He helped make a "painful" experience, go very smoothly. The truck was ready when he promised & it has been running perfectly ever since. I was also very impressed at how clean the shop was, as well as the reception/waiting/bathroom areas. This is NOT typical of most car repair shops!!!! (I had to remind myself that I was not at a day spa/beauty salon!) I have recommended Aarmco to several people, as well as tell numerous people in the area about my experience. Thanks so much!!!! Kim Futral
Kim Futral from
Dear sir I am sending this letter to thank The men and Mister Gunnar at AARMCO Transmissions in Cleveland Texas for the work that they did on my 2003 VW Beetle. On May 6th I took this vehicle to them Because it would not shift gears, I had gotten it back from the VW Dealer where I had taken it for a minor problem and they charged me for the privilage of making it worse. The people at AARMCO not only found the problem with my Transmissin but they fixed what the others had broken and ordered a repair manaul that covered my problem. They did all of this for free where the dealrship charged a fee. Thanks to Mr Gunnar I will never take any of my vehicles that need transmission work anywhere else. I am very Happy to say Thank You to Mr Gunnar and the men at AARMCO Transmissions.
David Riggs from Splendora
I wanted to write and compliment you on the excellent operation you are running out of the AARMCO store in Livingston, Texas. I have been in several times and John Addison, as well as the rest of your crew, does an outstanding job. I visited with John for a while about his wife, family and his job. He really appreciates having you as a boss saying that ?working for you is like working for his family. I meet a lot of business owners everyday and believe me, when an employee says something like that, it?s a true testament to the exceptional way you treat your staff.
Jamey Finstad from
If anyone ever needs a reliable, honest, helpful, dependable, trustworthy auto repair shop that absolutely treats their customer's like royalty, then go see John or Marvin at Aarmco. Since February 2008, my husband & I have had quite a few car problems & in 3 separate incidents, AARMCO has gone ABOVE & BEYOND to take care of us. Our first experience with them was when the transmission went out in our truck literally in their drive-way. Although this was a very expensive repair, their price was very competitive & their service was outstanding. The office & shop was super clean & smoke-FREE. The bathroom was cleaner than any I've ever been in (this is especially shocking since I only saw men working there!!!! ) The new transmission was replaced quickly & they did it right the first time, with no problems whatsoever. The truck runs better than it ever has. My second experience was when our truck started leaking transmission fluid in June. It turned out that the radiator was messed up. They had to keep the truck for a couple of days, so I didn't have a way to get home OR a way to pick up groceries that I badly needed. Aarmco had one of their employees take me to Walmart, wait for me to get my groceries, then drove me ALL THE WAY HOME TO BIG SANDY!!!! This young man was polite, courteous & even helped me load & unload my stuff!!! Once again, they fixed our truck, at a fair price, & they did it right the first time! It's driving great today. My third & most recent experience with Aarmco was last week. After being on vacation for 2 weeks, my car's A/C compressor went out while in Gatlinburg, TN. I had to drive home, sick with bronchitis, with NO A/C! Once I got home, I scheduled a Dr's appt, but when I attempted to go, my car was DEAD. I called Aarmco to see if they knew who could work on it or what might be the problem, plus I told John about my A/C being out. He made the arrangements to have my car towed to a mechanic that they work with & took care of absolutely EVERYTHING for me! (I didn't have to make any phone calls or try to find someone to fix all the problems & this was a life saver because I was really sick!) I had to go without a car for a week, but since I was sick, I wasn't in any shape to go anywhere. Now I have a super cold A/C & my car is running good as new!!!! Plus it cost me $ 1000 LESS than going to the dealership. I don't know of ANY business that takes care of their customer's they way that AARMCO does. They are a FANTASTIC organization & we will continue to do business with them for a long time. (Although I hope it's not too soon because I've got to get my credit card bill paid off now !!!!) Thanks so very much to John for all you did to help us out. You're an Angel!!!! PS - We also bought a Travel Trailer from Kim at AARMCO RV's & they are just as AWESOME as the repair shop!!!!! We love it!!!!
KIKI from Livingston
These guys have worked on 3 of my vehicles. Have never brought a single one back to them!!! Of course the reason for that is they fixed right and well the first time, sdo never needed any more tranny work after that on any of them. We have been using them since they were over at the shop by Providence off 146. My mini-van was the first and had in the dealership 3 times. Was ready to load the thing up with lemons and park it on the highway 59. Had paid cash for it as a program vehicle. Dealer ship wanted $3600.oo to fix even with purchased extended warrenty!! Gerald and Gary fixed for less than $500.00. Never took it back to them again actual for WORK on it. ONLY TIME THEY SAW IT AGAIN WAS FLUID AND FILTER CHANGES! Been dealing with them ever since!!!! Tom (Red Barn) Montgomery and Rebecca Hix-Montgomert
Tom (Red Barn) Montgomery and Rebecca Hix-Montgome from Livingston
These guys are wonderful, treated my husband and myself great when we had the transmnission on our z71 fixed. They let us pay it off in payments, that really helps when you do not have $1,500 laying around. Keep up the great work men. Thank you.
Jane Tanner from Livingston
I don't know every experience of EVERY customer that did business with AARMCO, whether it was transmissions or RV's, but I can tell you from my personal experience dealing with this family that every one of them has been a gentleman. I honestly believe that if you had a problem with anything they sold you, or service they provided you, they would stand behind their work 100%, and they would bend over backwards to make things right. They didn't get this far by being second rate! And, yeah, I know a little bit about business in Livingston. Mr. Vess used to do business with me when I still owned The RV Shack. David Franklin
David Franklin from Livingston
Mr. Vess, I was overwhelmed by your response to my brake shoe issue. I received your call Thursday morning and your check today. You certainly renewed my faith in hte business world as it is today. More over you renewed my faith in USA Transmissions. Billy was aways most complying with my problems and most professional. However, I never expected a call from the owner.muchless an immediate check for the problems that I have had. I never had a complaint about the transmission but the brake problem and the noise was most annoying. I knew there was a problem and the mechanic never seemed to hear it. When my regular mechanic explained it to me ,I only felt it was fair to let Billy(manager) know what it had been all along. He was very professional and said I should be compensated. I thought that would be the end of it. He kept his word as did you! Thank you Very much! I will not hesitate to recommend my Friends and family to your business! Thank You very Much!
Connie Woods from Huntsville
Hello, I am Larry Ferguson, I would like to thamk you and Paden for all your helpwith the 1984 Chevy truck. It is very nice doing business with a company that stands behind there product and work. Paden is very helpfull and kind. I greatly appreciate the quality of work and the timely manner it was done.
Ferguson Propane from Cleveland
This past Monday, I was travelling to Galveston with two young grandsons, with a full pickup, as the last load moving them and their mom to the island. Stopped in Huntsville for gas, put it in drive to leave and the transmission literally fell apart inside, left w/ reverse and 1st gear only. Called the Huntsville store and Kendrick Bearden(Mgr) came to our location and led us, slowly to the store. Needing to get the boys and furniture to Galveston I tried to get a rental but none avail in H'ville. Found a pickup in Conroe but they wouldn't bring it to us. Billy Minshew (also Mgr. at that store)let Kendrick take me and the boys to Conroe to get the rental. I drove back to Huntsville and transferred the furniture from my truck to the rental. Billy and Kendrick assured me that they would call me ASAP with what they had found and what was needed to repair the trans. They called me before I made it to Galveston, it wasn't good news, needed a complete rebuild or a new trans. Was told the price/warrenty info, etc. over the phone and elected to go for the new, in the box, trans. which could be finished and out the door by 5:00 the next day. I was there when the rebuilder completed the job about 4:00 Tues. He took it out for a test drive and came back with word it was not drivable, it was a small problem and would take him 2 hours to fix after they got permission to proceed from the supplier, which they got at closing time. Billy took me to a motel to spend the night and Kendrick picked me up this morning at 10:30. Job complete, rebuilder took me for a test drive. Smooth as a silk. To say I am pleased with Aarmco and the management and crew at the Huntsville store is an understatement. They all bent over backwards to make my time there as smooth and pleasant as possible. Thanks Billy, Kendrick and crew!!!
Ron Gauthier from McKinney, Tx. 75071
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Ron Gauthier from McKinney, Tx. 75071
This past Monday, I was travelling to Galveston with two young grandsons, with a full pickup, as the...
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